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CURC's advanced underwater vehicle now with a stunning new design

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The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Underwater ROV competition challenges teams to design, engineer, and pilot a remotely operated vehicle to perform missions in depths too treacherous for humans. 

In the 2022 competition season, MATE teams are responding to a call-to-action from the United Nations. The UN proclaimed a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030) to support efforts to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health and to gather the global community behind a common goal: creating improved conditions for sustainable use and development of our world ocean.

2022 Challenge

The 2022 missions are designed to simulate real-world marine issues related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The challenge is divided into three main tasks:

  • Marine Renewable Energy

  • Offshore Aquaculture and Blue Carbon

  • Antarctica Then and Now

The World Championships will be held in Long Beach, California between June 21-25.



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Design and build the ROV's chassis and manipulators using CAD modeling and 3D-printing techniques. Determine motor and camera placement for optimal movement and navigation.

Led by Caeser Stringfield



Design and assemble the circuitry and wiring that provides power and information to and from the ROV and its peripheral devices. 

Led by James Yin

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Program communication between control system and motors using ROS. Design machine learning and image processing algorithms for identification and automation.

Led by Adi Shastry

Subteam Task Log

Follow the progress of each subteam as they prepare for competition!

The MATE ROV Project Team at Columbia University Dodge Pool on November 23rd, 2019

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