Upcoming Events

Matthew Groll will be hosting a waterjet seminar on Friday, March 4 at 5PM in the MakerSpace. Waterjetting is a valuable tool that allows for precise cutting of many materials using an extremely high-pressurized jet of water. Join us to get trained in operating this equipment we will be using more frequently as we progress in our projects.

Please make sure you have completed the MakerSpace onboarding before registering for the seminar. 

Friday, March 4 5PM

Prof. Ciocarlie of the Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science departments will be speaking to our members about the Robotic Manipulation and Mobility (ROAM) Lab, ongoing projects, and ways to get involved. The ROAM Lab is actively looking for motivated, hard-working, and curious applicants to take part in several projects.
This is a great opportunity to get to know Prof Ciocarlie and start a line of communication with him after the event.

Thursday, March 24 6PM
Mudd 233
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Sub-Team Meeting
General Body Meeting

General Body Meetings

General Body Meeting

During the general body meeting, we will discuss weekly progress updates regarding ongoing projects and general announcements. We highly recommend all members to attend the general body meetings regularly.

Tuesdays 9PM - 10PM ET

Subteam Meetings


SOftware Engineering

Autonomous Vehicles





CubeSats with CSI


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